Chile, al sur del mundo

Welcome to CCSA
the Chilean Community of South Australia Inc.

About us

Our community was born in 2021 to connect chilean people living in South Australia.

We seek to integrate those who are Chileans and those who feel like one.

Our motivation is to guarantee a steady transition and adaptation for those that have just arrived. We support and promote social and cultural activities to strength the chilean culture.

Our objectives


To preserve, promote and foster the cultural heritage of the Chilean community in South Australia.


To welcome and support newly arrived Chileans settling in South Australia through the provision of relevant information and referral paths.


To establish and maintain working relationships with the broader South Australian community, government agencies and other relevant bodies and communities for the purpose of promote cultural awareness and multiculturalism.


To develop and undertake cultural and social initiatives to promote and encourage the greater cohesion between the members of the Chilean community in South Australia.